alSol 1.4

alSol 1.4

Parabolic, concentration


Commercial parabolic solar cooker. The high reflection aluminium sheets (Solar Surface) allow for high temperatures in the focus so the device performs almost like a conventional electric or gas cooker. The cooking rack is fixed to the base of the cooker and stays horizontal and flat while the parabolic reflector can be turned around to face it towards the sun. The cookers are sold in a box that contains the different pieces and tools needed for the assembling. The cooker alSol 1.4. can be assembled by 2 people in approximately 2 hours.


Cooker: 1,4 m diameter (alSol 1.4) Packaging: 105 x 40 x 5 cm.

Area AP: 

1,53 sq. m.


10 kg


The reflector consists in 24 polished aluminium sections that together form the parabole. The base is a light aluminium structure.


200 ºC maximum in oil
Power (in a clear sky): 600 W


The cooker uses direct solar radiation, so it is recommended to position the cooker every 20 minutes to face the sun. Before use, operation and maintenance instructions should be carefully revised.
Accessories: A dark cooking pot is needed to absorb solar radiation. These pots are also available for purchase together with the cooker. The package with the cooker parts also contains two fixed keys, a file, the assembling instructions and a recipe book (in 5 languages).
Availability: In Spain, Terra Foundation includes this cooker in their catalog of products for solar cooking:
The alSol 1.4 cooker design belongs to Dr. Dieter Seifert through the german organization Climate Interchange.


- Assembling instructions included.
- It also includes a CD-rom with informative materials on solar cooking (videos, educational resources...).




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